Teaching English Creatively



Nawel van Lin - English Tutor

My way of teaching children of Basisschool level is the 'natural way':


From birth, young children learn to communicate with the world around them by listening to and imitating the people they are in contact with. Daily, they have the opportunity to improve through constant repetition of new sounds, syllables, words and finally sentences. All this is accompanied by the natural enthusiasm of parents and other loving family members, which reinforces the child’s desire to continue. By age 2-3 children are communicating freely in their native language. This is the natural way to learn a language. My method of teaching English mimics this natural process of acquiring a language: repeated hearing and positive reinforcement in a safe nurturing classroom environment.


My English course for Basisschool level will be inspired by not only the existing school program but also by adding interesting topics and by using creative ways that will keep the children constantly engaged. This is done by using music, movements, games, role play and a lot of repetitions.


During the weekly lessons only English is spoken. This style of teaching a language is called the immersion method. There are exceptions to this rule; for instance, when there is a difficulty in the classroom.


After 10 weeks, children will be given a little assessment in a form of an activity or game to check their progress. The results will be given to the respective parents who will be encouraged to praise their children for their efforts.